Homemade DS tilt sensor begs the question: Why?

Am I the only one kind of missing the point of the whole tilt-sensor thing? Yeah, the Wii is cool, and that controller is pretty innovative. Does that mean I want to control every video game from now on by tilting a controller back and forth? Hell no. Normal controllers have worked for years for a reason: they're intuitive to us folk that have been using them since our childhood. Why rock the boat?

Suffice to say, I won't be modding my DS Lite to have a tilt-sensor like these inventive chaps. Plugging into the mini-USB port on the back, this homemade sensor doesn't work the way you would want. It's digital, so you get two directions: left and right. None of this fancy analogue tilt-by-degrees business. You want that, go rob someone for their PS3. In any case, since this is homemade you can't buy it, but take it from me: be happy with a d-pad and some buttons. It's the natural way.

Peep a video of it in action after the jump.

DS Fanboy, via Engadget