Fancy Prada phone coming to rich Europeans

What do you get when you cross high fashion and gadgets? Overpriced crap, generally speaking. Usually it's a scam to get people to shell out tons of money just for a brand name, with boring phones getting some upscale logo laser-etched on them and then quintupled in price. On that note, let's take a look at the upcoming LG Prada phone, set to hit the pockets of people with fat wallets and little sense next year.

The phone is basically a rebranded LG KE850 with a Prada interface. No new features to speak of other than aesthetic updates, but what would the fashionista set need? Put a mirrored surface on the back for them to look at themselves and they'd probably double the sales. No word on pricing, but it should come out in February or March exclusively in five European countries.

Via Dial-a-Phone