Cowboy Stadium getting biggest screens in the world

When stuff gets done in Texas, it gets done in a big way. Be it a hat, a steak, or a screen, it's gonna be huge. Just take a look at the plans for the new Cowboy Stadium: the biggest domed stadium in the world, the biggest column-free room in the world, and home to the two biggest video screens in the world.

Yep, we've seen some pretty massive screens before, but these are just insane. There are two relatively large screens, by living room standards, facing the end zones. Those come in at a respectable 48 feet by 27 feet. But the real scorchers are the side-facing screens, measuring a whopping 180 feet by 50 feet. That's 9,000 square feet of screen for those of you keeping score at home. Oh my. The stadium won't be completed until 2009, but it's safe to say that these will still be impressively large screens at that point.

Cowboy Stadium, via Engadget