Cigarette dispenser looks like an MP3 player, but it only plays denial

How many times have you met a person who claims they've kicked the cigarette habit, only to light up "just this one" as a reward for some seemingly nonexistent accomplishment? In most cases, they are soon coming up with new things to celebrate every hour, until they're buying their butts by carton again.

Enter the Nico Stopper from the Spanish design company Fagor, which holds ten smokes within its sleek silver case, and rations them out one at a time at some predetermined interval. While I guess that's fine for people with zero will power, surely, if there's a way to put the cigs in to load it up, there's another way to get them out if you're desperate. Along with each butt, the Nico Stopper's screen presents you with a motivational message from some psychologist to help inspire you to quit. For many however, the biggest motivation to quit will be finding a way to pay the bills and buy cigs after you've forked over a cool $300 to purchase a Nico Stopper.

Nico Stopper, via Uber-review