Canadians create special gloves for gadget lovers

Anyone living north of the Mason-Dixon line has had the familiar experience of trekking through the snow, only to get a call on your cell phone that you need to take. So you reluctantly remove your gloves just so you can properly press the "Talk" button, subjecting your fingers to the icy cold. Yeah, it's a rough life, but if you think about it, our ever-increasing reliance on gadgets while we're on the go means that you're in for lots of de-gloving during the winter months whenever you need to monkey with your iPod, BlackBerry, or GPS thingie.

Fortunately some clever Canadians are looking out for us snowed-in gadget lovers. A Montreal company has come up with a pair of leather gloves called iTWYF (for "I Touch With Your Fingers") that's designed to let you manipulate your toys without stripping your hands naked. Three of the fingers have special enhancements: the thumb has a Velcro strap that exposes solely that digit, the index finger has a leather strip that's designed for "target-specific" fingering (for doing things like adjusting iPod volume), and the middle finder includes a tiny stud that you can use as stylus for touchscreens without scratching them. Check out the modified digits in action after the jump.

Thankfully, the gloves actually look pretty stylish (they're designed by Montrealers, after all), coming in three colors and sizes for both men and women. You can order them direct from iTWYF's site, and just $45 Canadian ($39 US) gets you a pair, hosers.

iTWYF, via MoCo Loco