Cambridge SoundWorks announces speaker dock for iPod… oh, and for Zen, too — almost forgot

Now that you've discovered the joy of downloading videos to your iPod, your old speaker dock may lack something that you covet: a video output for watching those digital vids on a TV. For you serial downloaders of 24 who want to see those 640 x 480-pixel episodes on a real screen, Cambridge SoundWorks has you covered with its PlayDock i (well, I suppose kudos are due for not using the "i" as a prefix). Coming in January for $200, the new PlayDock runs on either AC power or an octet of C batteries, and it's magnetically shielded so it won't interfere with the screen if you plop it on top of your set.

The features are pretty by the numbers (FM tuner, headphone jack) with the usual manufacturer embellishment about how "amazing" the speakers sound, and it fits most all current iPods and iPod nanos ("iPods nano"?). Owners of Creative's Zen media players can get in on this dock action with the PlayDock Zen, available now. Made to mate with most Zen players, the PlayDock Zen has the added advantage of having a product name that doesn't look like a typo. Check out a picture of it after the jump.

Via Cambridge SoundWorks

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock Zen