BenQ Dog Tag MP3 player is for tough guys

You're a tough guy! Look at you, so big and strong. Why, if it wasn't for your crippling fear of both airplanes and dying in a foreign land, you'd surely be in the armed forces. Hey, don't worry, your phobias don't keep you from being a hero in my book!

You don't need real dog tags anyhow. Just snag some of BenQ's MusiQ Dog Tags. They might not have your personal info on them in case you get taken down by an IED, but they can hold music on them! That makes them better as far as I'm concerned. Furthermore, the headphones are incorporated into a chain that looks just like the real thing! How authentic.

The best part of all is the Chinese website for this product. I don't want to spoil anything, but it has something to do with exploiting the WTC wreckage to sell MP3 players. Oops, I spoiled it! Check out the insane screengrab after the jump.

Anything But iPod, via Gizmodo