Beer Caddy is like a golf caddy, but it gets you drunk

Beer is great, and it's even better when it comes from a tap. The problem is that in order to enjoy a delicious draught pint you generally need to trek to a bar and pay a lot more money for it than you would if you got it from the supermarket. Oh, cruel world! Why can I not enjoy draught beer in the privacy of my own home?

Well, now you can. And it doesn't even involve a kegorator, which most people outgrow in college. Well, I guess it sort of involves a kegorator, but it's a classy and small one, so it's an improvement. The Beer Caddy can hold a 5-liter beer or soda (ha!) keg and give you that I'm-at-a-bar feeling any time you want. They're even considerate enough to throw in a car charger for functional alcoholics on the go. "No officer, I haven't been drinking. The mini kegorator in the passenger seat? Oh, that's a coincidence."

Good luck finding 5-liter kegs, but if you've got a steady hookup for those this $99 purchase might just be worthwhile.

Beer Caddy, via Uncrate