Battery-powered vest warms you to the core

It's cold out! Well, not really… it's like 55 degrees in NYC. But hey, I'm sure it's cold somewhere. The effects of global warming haven't turned the entire planet into a beach party just yet, so there's still time for people to enjoy some battery-powered warmth this winter.

This vest will keep you warm with its polyester and fleece blend, but if that's not enough you can crank up the juice to get the embedded carbon-fiber mesh and infrared heater warming you all over. No wires or anything, this guy will distribute the warmth evenly throughout the entire vest. It's thin enough to wear under a jacket, so if you're planning a winter hike or ski trip this could be a good way to keep your core warm. You can pick one up now for $130 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hammacher, via Ubergizmo