100-inch arcade machine costs less than Dell's quad-core XPS

To put the recent review of the Dell XPS 710 box in perspective for you, here's something you can get for $1,500 less than that quad-core monster: a 100-inch arcade gaming machine. Comprised of a projector, a 100-inch screen, and a PC loaded up with arcade games, it certainly won't be able to handle F.E.A.R. as well as the XPS, but to be fair the XPS doesn't come with a 100-inch screen.

So which is a better deal for gamers looking to drop between $4,000 and $6,000 on a gaming setup this holiday season? That all depends on if you like new games or old games and if you like buying your electronics from reputable companies or from poorly proofread websites. If you like the latter of each, then call up Dream Arcade and give 'em your credit card! You'll get a "high end PC with AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU" (that's all the info you get on it), a "High output DLP projector," and a "100-inh portable projection screen." Sounds like a smart purchase to me. For a mere $4,500, you can't go wrong.

Dream Arcade, via BornRich