World's smallest satellite phone has world's dorkiest antenna

If you frequently travel to the far ends of the earth — hell, if you ever go any distance from a major metropolitan area — then you're no stranger to nonexistent cell service and dropped calls. Yeah, Verizon, it's the network all right. Next time you go on safari, bring along GSP-1700 satelitte phone and worry no longer about being near a cell tower. Purported to be the world's smallest satellite phone, it still comes with a gigantic and goofy antenna to make you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, the antenna is detachable so you can keep it in your fannypack with your binoculars and Serengeti map when you aren't making calls. Since you'll be connecting to a satellite and not a tower you can make a call from basically anywhere in the world, save Antarctica (sorry, penguins). The phones come out this month for about $885.

Globalstar, via Oh Gizmo!