Weather Alarm Clock wakes you up, lets you know you're gonna have a lousy day

This Weather Alarm Clock is a regular Sam Champion, measuring atmospheric pressure to predict the weather in addition to its basic timekeeping and alarm functions. Sure, it'd be great to find out it's going to be 70 degrees and sunny out when you wake up, but what about when it's cold and rainy? Alarm clocks are already a cruel device, shocking us out of our unrealistic dreams of dating the prom queen or getting a PlayStation 3 on launch day, do we really need the added demoralization of finding out we'll have a miserable commute? Wait 'til I've had my shower before you ruin my day even more, please. I prefer alarm clocks that wake you up gently, not ones that toss a proverbial bucket of ice water down your shorts. But hey, to each his or her own. The Weather Alarm Clock is available online now for about $18.

Weather Alarm Clock, via Shiny Shiny