ThinkGeek nightlight: Feel the SCI FI Tech atmosphere while you sleep

Having an array of soft, colorful lights can be the perfect catalyst to getting a good night's sleep — for you and your kid, since this funky nightlight should soothe the little guy enough so he doesn't wake you up complaining about multilegged monsters under the bed. Plugging into a wall outlet, the ThinkGeek nightlight will project either calming "sunshine rays" or a kaleidoscopic "supernova explosion." We prefer the latter since it coincidentally looks mind-bogglingly similar to our site's background image. The nightlight costs $10, which makes it a lot cheaper, and somewhat less creepy than, a light-up carpet. Extra bonus: the LEDs will last 10 years, which should give your little ones plenty of time to stop being scared of the dark.

ThinkGeek, via Random Good Stuff