Rotation360: photography luggage takes a cue from Batman

As we all know, the age-old function of the backpack is to transport stuff with ease while keeping our hands free. Think Tank has gone a step further with its brand new rotation360, a backpack designed for the ultra-nerdy photographer. Built into the lower half is a beltpack (a.k.a. fannypack) which can snap out of place and rotate to the front of your torso for easy access. Of course, you'll need to use your hands and a little elbow grease to get the job done. Those boys at Think Tank are always thinking, though, as they've included a method for mounting two SLRs on the front of the shoulder straps, so you'll never have to put anything down on wet grass or the hood of some guy's car. Other features that make this a great pack are the rail on the waist belt, which allows accessories to be added effortlessly, and the built-in raincover. However, my favorite is the accessory-hold-down strap — for holding your camera tight against your chest while running from any wild boar you encounter. Available now for $280, the rotation360 might be an investment worth investigating.

Via Photography Blog