PS3 sneakers: think they're expensive?

What do you get when you combine Nike and Sony, two of the most recognizable brands in the world? You get, surprisingly enough, some overpriced, limited edition, probably underwhelming products that were more than likely made by some poor kid in a sweatshop somewhere.

That's right, it's the PS3 commemorative shoe! Come one, come all, and step right up to drop over $5,000 on a pair of sneakers just because they have the PS3 logo on them and are "limited edition"! They have the release date of the PS3 stitched into the back of the shoes, making them outdated already, and one of the big selling points is the "holographic" swoosh. It's the first time Nike has ever created a holographic swoosh, putting them about 20 years behind Trapper Keeper in implementing this space-age technology.

To be fair, the shoes are up for a charity auction, with proceeds going to charity, although that's as specific as the auction page gets. Perhaps the funds will go to buy people who were shot or robbed in PS3 lines the consoles they so badly desire but were unable to purchase.

Blue Sole, via Crave