Portable DVD player has iPod dock stuck to back, should see someone about that

I'm all for creative placement of iPod docks, but is it really that great an idea to have your iPod get its juice from another device that needs to be charged? It seems a little strange to me, but what do I know? The iLuv is a portable DVD player that happens to have an iPod dock on its back. It has a 7-inch screen for watching videos, or you can flip it over and watch iPod videos on that device's 2.5-inch screen. It seems like it would have made sense, since they went through the trouble of putting an iPod dock on this thing, for the included 7-inch screen to be able to play the videos loaded on the iPod. You know, fully integrating the iPod into the device rather than just slapping a charger on it, sticking a lowercase "i" in the name and riding the wave of iPod-accessory hype to financial bliss. But again, I'm merely a blogger, not some genius product designer, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. The iLuv i1055 is available in black and white (just like the iPod! Now that's integration!) for $192.

I4U, via New Launches