MP3 Alarm Clock wakes you up with DRM-free tunes

If you're gonna be awakened by an alarm clock, wouldn't you rather have it stir you from your slumber with some of your favorite music rather than with a buzzer or some annoying drivetime DJ? Sure, you could get an alarm clock with a CD player in it, but this isn't 1998. Let's keep with the times here. The MP3 Alarm Clock will hold up to 256 MB of your favorite music so you can wake up to the soothing sounds of Master of Puppets to get your day started off right. You don't need to mess with SD cards or anything to load it up, either. Just plug it into your computer via USB and drag those files on over. It's a pretty small cube design, so you could conceivably carry it around with you as a the clunkiest portable player ever if you had it loaded up with batteries. It's available now for about $76.

MP3 Alarm Clock, via New Launches