Mount a fireplace on your wall, no chimney required

It's becoming pretty obvious that I have somewhat of a fireplace fetish, and I blame that on the fact that I grew up in New Hampshire, land of plentiful fireplaces, and now live in New York City, island of fires in trashcans. Since my apartment is a step (albeit an admittedly small step) above a hobo-congested alley, I don't have a fireplace and I feel like I'm missing something dear to my heart. Unfortunately for me, if I want to get a fireplace the whole trashcan option is a lot more realistic than something like this wall-mounted fireplace. This thing actually goes up on your wall like a flat-panel TV, with no chimney required. It uses some fancy catalytic converters that clean up the exhaust and make it suitable for breathing by the rich jerks who can afford to mount a friggin' fireplace on their wall. Well, I guess the $2,478 they're asking for this isn't that crazy, but it's still a hell of a lot more than a flaming trashcan, so I can't justify it.

West Country Firea, via Coolest Gadgets