Most difficult puzzle ever rewards you with money, frustration

If you enjoy frustrating the hell out of yourself and have already dedicated more hours to the Rubik's Cube than your therapist would like, it's time for a new challenge. The ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball is not just an extremely difficult puzzle, but it's one that has more of a reward than just knowing you wasted a few months of your life at the end of it. Purportedly the hardest puzzle ever made, the ISIS requires you to try to open it up by figuring out its patterns of hieroglyphics and whatnot printed on the outside. Once you do the impossible, you'll be rewarded with a uniquely numbered key stored in the middle. The key will open one of the ISIS pyramids hidden around the U.K., and you'll be the lucky recipient either of a coin worth $950 or one of the many scattered about worth $38. With each ISIS going for $190, just buying one to smash open with a rock and get the reward might not be the most profitable of ventures. But hey, you're the puzzle solving genius here, not me.

Via Coolest Gadgets