Inch lamp: Minimalism to the maximum

If your philosophy about home décor is that it can't get minimalist enough, you've gotta check out Strala's inch lamp. Supposedly made to emulate the "beauty of long-necked women" (whatever floats your boat, man), the shade-less inch has a neck you can extend from 5 to 7¼ feet. Further multiplying your lighting options, the neck tilts on a hinge in the floor, letting you aim it to best — or most creatively — illuminate your room. It might not be the greatest choice for your upstairs study, but if your new design studio is in need of an extra touch to take it to an übercool level, you might consider an inch. At $1,467, though, the inch takes a mile from your wallet, so for budget-conscious hipsters we'd recommend a Qube instead.

Strala, via Cool Hunting