Give your TV some class by getting it off the wall

You just dropped a few grand on a nice big HD plasma TV and you're just going to slap it up on the wall like some Bob Marley poster in your freshman dorm room? Please. Feast your eyes on the Wenge Hi-Fi TV stand. It'll hold your DVD collection along the sides, swivels to point your TV in any direction, and is downright purdy. Sort of reminiscent of that rotating fireplace we covered a while back, it'll make your living room look ten times classier than if you just stuck your TV in any old place. And what's the point of dropping all that dough on a high-end TV if you can't show it off with style? There's no price available for this thing, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's far from cheap.

Wenge TV Stand, via Oh Gizmo!