EMI 911 rCard keeps your medical data close

Medicalert bracelets are all well and good, but sometimes you want to let paramedics know a little more than what that little space allows. Let's get some electronics and screens and stuff in there, shall we? Ah, here we are. The EMI 911 rCard loads up with your medical history so when you fall down the stairs and break a hip the paramedics know what not to pump you full of. And that extra info can really come in handy, let me tell you. Now the doctors will know that while yes, I've had my cootie shot, I'm still allergic to girls. Girls, yuck!

Anyhow, the EMI 911 rCard will cost you $80 plus $20 a year after the first year, which is free. For your money you get access to the EMI website, which will store your most personal of medical data for easy access by you, your doctor, or hackers who are interested in what medications you're allergic to.

EMI, via Oh Gizmo!