DirecTV in your car: because conversation sucks

Is it not enough for you people to have DVD players and elaborate, GPS-based games in your vehicles during long car trips? Where are you driving that you need so much entertainment? Is this what the world has come to, where a family can't have a conversation for an hour while driving somewhere, but all need to be entertained in some way? Bah, humbug!

For the less crotchety of you out there, perhaps the KVH TracVision A7 will be a welcome addition to your in-car entertainment center. Providing access to 185 channels of DirecTV service as well as an XM Satellite Radio receiver, it make the back seat of the Suburban even more like the living room at home. It uses GPS and a 12V mobile receiver that goes on the roof of the car to pick up the signals, and you won't need to buy an entirely new entertainment system; it works with most factory-installed systems. All this for only $3,000? Hoo boy, the future is now.

KVH TracVision A7, via MobileWhack