British cops to get head-mounted video cameras

Cops in London are testing a new system that involves small video cameras mounted on their helmets that record their entire shift on a daily basis. The footage can be used as evidence in courts to prove that they really did see Ricky Gervais at the local Boots. Cor blimey! The footage is reportedly quite clear, so it should give enough detail to identify miscreants if the cops witness any shady dealings. The cameras are about the size of an AA battery and record into a device that attaches to the copper's belt. It can hold up to 12 hours of video, which is as long as one of those poor Bobbies will have to work. With each setup costing $3,400, there are only eight being used at the moment, but if they prove to be effective in deterring crime then more will be set up. Beware, British criminals.

Guardian, via New Launches