Alto stand keeps your head up while you work on a laptop

If you work on a laptop, generally your posture ain't all that good. After all, a laptop sitting on a desk has a screen that you need to look down into, which makes hunching over easy to fall into. Didn't your mother ever tell you to sit up straight? Maybe you just need some outside assistance. The Alto Notebook Stand will take your laptop and prop it up so the screen is at eye level. It then provides you with a USB keyboard to use so you don't need to type with your hands up by your nipples, which would be more awkward than mere slouching. It's all compact, too, folding up nicely for traveling, which is one of the main reasons people get laptops in the first place. Not a bad idea, Logitech, not a bad idea at all. It's coming out in January and will sell for $100.

Logitech Alto, via Uncrate