Video helmet may be most uncool gadget ever

I have seen the future, and it is lame. Just take a look at this video helmet created by Toshiba. Do you really think people are gonna be wearing things like that in the name of entertainment anytime in the near future? With current gadget makers going for smaller and smaller devices, it seems odd for Toshiba to think people would want a 6.6-pound monstrosity giving them neck problems. When you put this thing on it gives you a full 360-degree view, which could be amazing for gaming if you're really hardcore about it. Normal TV use, however, I can't really see being worth the isolation or ridicule that would come from wearing such a silly device on your head. I personally would rather just stick my whole body in a dorky pod so no one would know it was me rather than just wearing what looks like a TV on my head. Different strokes, I guess.

The Daily Mail, via Gizmodo