USB scale knows you don't exercise; it won't judge

If you need some motivation in the form of technology to get your serious weight problem under control but are just too lazy to go jogging, you could always use this USB scale to track your weight over time. While it won't actually do anything to help you lose weight, it will show you how much sitting in front of a computer all day is helping you exercise. Here's a hint: it isn't. Simply weigh yourself on this thing and then pull out the USB stick inside. Plug that into your computer and the included software will track your weight over time with all sorts of fancy graphs and charts. You can also track your diet with the software, seeing how what you eat affects your weight. In theory seeing a slowly increasing red line should motivate you to start exercising an eating right. Either that or it'll motivate you to stop weighing yourself. Either way, the scale is for sale now in Japan for about $133.

CalorieLab, via The Raw Feed