U.K. gov't has neighbors spy on each other

Got some annoying neighbors? Feel like getting them into some trouble with the government so they'll stop playing their music so loud? Well, if you live in the U.K., the government might just help you spy on them to get the incriminating evidence of wrongdoing you're looking for. Councils in London, West Yorkshire, Northumberland and Dundee are giving citizens hidden cameras and microphones to spy on their neighbors. The devices can be accessed by "antisocial behaviour taskforces," which I didn't know existed. It seems to me that turning neighbors against each other using secret video surveillance is much worse than having neighbors that party too often, but that's just me. No word on if the U.K. government is handing out screw cameras or what, but in any case this actually makes me feel better about living in the U.S. for once.

Via We Make Money Not Art