The world's biggest iPod case

If you're anything like me, when you get home from a long hard day, all of those portable tech toys — from cell phones to iPods and PDAs — usually end up on the nearest horizontal surface near the front door. I'm told however, that there are people who starch their underwear, keep their shirts arranged alphabetically by color, and live by the adage "a place for everything, and everything in its place." Just for them, Michigan-based Sligh Furniture has developed the Family Communications Center, a traditional-looking desk/hutch thingie that includes facilities to manage all of the chargers, docks, and cables that seem to multiply exponentially as we discover more electronic gadgets we just can't live without.

Due to start shipping in the spring, the FCC (hmm…) will be available in a neoclassic mahogany ($2,945) and as a cottage-style hutch with a weather-beaten black painted finish ($3,395) — for those who think their organizational perfection should come with a patina.

Via The Washington Post