Solar electric hybrid car: saving the environment ain't cheap

Hey, here's a sensible-looking vehicle. Unlike most of the insane futuristic cars we write about, this one is actually going to be available for sale, although I can't picture this thing tooling down the highway. Not just because it's so wacky-looking, either: Venturi's Astrolab will set you back $117,000 when it's released in January 2008. Price notwithstanding, there's only one seat and nowhere to store groceries that I can see. Add to this an underwhelming top speed of 74 mph and a rather short range of 68 miles and you've gotta wonder who's going to drop six figures on what appears to be perhaps the most impractical vehicle ever released upon the general public. Hey, anything to keep more pollutants out of the air. Keep chasing the dream, guys.

Gizmodo, via Luxury Launches