Siemens pays attention to road signs so you don't have to

If you're an easily distracted driver, always chatting on your cell phone, fiddling with the stereo, or putting on your makeup in the rearview, you could probably use a little help paying attention to, you know, driving. Well, Siemens VDO is creating a system to get the road signs you blithely ignore front and center in your vision via a system of cameras and sensors. Using the cameras, the car will detect upcoming road signs and then show them to you right over the windshield so you can't miss them. Then, if you're a really lazy driver, you'll have the option of having the car automatically adjust its speed when it detects the speed limit. Combine this with the Mobileye system and you'll barely have to keep your eyes open while driving. Perhaps this is a step in the wrong direction. How about a system that forces you to be more alert rather than less? I'm thinking a big hand that slaps you in the face every time sensors detect that you're paying more attention to your phone than the road. Get to work, Siemens.

The Raw Feed, via Engadget