Samsung creates thinnest TV ever; CRTs develop an eating disorder

Thin is still in, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Samsung has finally, at long last, created a TV so thin you could easily use it like a Frisbee. Yes, at less than half an inch thick, their new 17-inch screen is certainly thinner than any TV we've seen before. They've eliminated the backlight, the heaviest and bulkiest part of flat panel TVs, by using a hybrid of OLED and LCD technologies. Currently that results in a less-than-impressive 1000:1 contrast ratio, but you've got to assume they'll be able to bump that up to a more respectable figure rather quickly. No word on when these things will be hitting store shelves and living room walls nationwide, but keep your eyes peeled for this tech to pop up a lot in the near future.

Aving, via Crunch Gear