Rubik's Cube speaker light dorks up your pad

The Rubik's Cube is a kitschy 80's throwback and sometime-inspiration to strange gadgets, but does it deserve to be a centerpiece of your interior design? Apparently some people think so, as in Japan they're releasing this monstrosity upon the general public. It's a 250-watt speaker and lamp rolled into one, and adorably enough it looks like a big ol' Rubik's Cube. It doesn't look to be functional, so you'll have the frustration of having a puzzle sitting in your living room that can never be solved. I guess you could rearrange the colored bulbs in it to solve it, but that seems as unsatisfying as just moving the stickers around on a real cube. Pah. You'll be able to order this eyesore for a to be announced price later this week on GeekStuff4U.

Via Akihabara News