Rocket-powered pickup: why not?

Call us predictable, but we just can't say no to rocket-powered vehicles. They've got the perfect combo of technology, insanity, and danger that we just can't get enough of. Tim Pickens, creator of the rocket-powered bike, had gone and stuck a rocket onto a pickup truck. The 2,750-pound thrust nitrus oxide rocket is controlled by, of all things, a gaming controller. You've gotta wonder if there's a code to give him an extra boost… A-B-A-B-Left-Right-Select-Start or something like that. There are also dash-mounted LCDs that will show the rocket in action, as there's no point in putting something so crazy into your truck if you can't ogle it. We've said it before and we'll say it again: there's no cooler way to kill yourself than via a rocket vehicle into a cliff. Check out a video of the death machine in action after the jump.

Gizmag, via Gizmodo