Porsche-designed toaster won't impress girls

If you want a Porsche in your garage but can't quite swing the hefty price tag on a new Boxster, don't despair. You can still get a slick Porsche without breaking the bank. You won't be driving around in it, but damn if your toast won't taste a hell of a lot better. Yes, Porsche has gone and designed itself a toaster for people who will pay anything for an item that shares a name with a fancy sports car. It's got some nice features like a quartz heating element and a memory function that will remember how golden brown you like your toast, but at the end of the day it's still just a freaking toaster. Seriously folks, it's a toaster. They're selling it for $224, and it ain't that expensive because of the quartz heating element. If you think this is a good buy, I've got some dirty laundry that I wrote "Porsche" on I'll sell you for a great price.

Porche-Siemens Toaster, via Oh Gizmo!

UPDATE: Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, the spelling of "Porsche" in this post has been corrected.