PlayStation 3 pre-orders selling for $1,200 on eBay

If you were worried you would have to go on eBay and spend over $1,000 to get a PlayStation 3 once it came out, don't worry. You can just go on eBay now and spend over $1,000 on a PS3 pre-order and save yourself the hassle. Yes, it's officially gotten out of control already, with many major retailers selling out of their pre-orders within minutes last week and people already giving up on getting one the day they come out. There have been nearly a dozen auctions on eBay successfully completing at an average of $1,200 — some as high as $1,500. For a pre-order! Wii pre-orders are on there too, but they seem to be clocking in at under $500 a piece. Still somewhat nuts, but not as completely insane as $1,200. Well, what are you waiting for? Your kid won't love you as much if they don't find a PlayStation 3 under the tree this holiday season, so you'd better get one so they don't go back to their boarding school mad at you.