Only in Russia could a luxury armored vehicle exist

You just have to love Russia for its love of selling off stuff more respectable countries never would. First they started cashing in on nerdy billionaires wanting to go into space, and now they're allowing surplus military equipment to be bought and converted into luxury vehicles. This "Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle" was purchased by a Moscow entrepreneur and turned into the ultimate mode of transport for any locale that you're afraid of getting blown up in. In addition to features such as the ability to drive on land and swim in water and the whole armor plated thing, the new owner totally gutted the interior and turned it into a mobile bachelors pad. It's loaded with leather upholstery, a sound system, TV, DVD, and even a periscope to make sure there's no one looking to jack you before you get out of your car. If you're going on a date in Baghdad, there's no better way to roll. This thing obviously isn't for sale, but if you want one try moving to Russia, maybe develop some mob ties, and see what you can do.

Jalopnik, via Born Rich