Only in Japan: the GPS navigation teddy bear

GPS navigation devices are all well and good, but unless you shelled out some extra cash to get Mr. T's voice on yours they're distinctly without personality. But why get your directions from a disembodied voice when you can get one from a sassy little teddy bear? From the land of the rising sun comes Navirobo, the teddy bear that sits on your dash and gets you to where you're going. He'll point you in the right direction, mocking you for missing a turn, and dancing happily when you arrive at your destination. Nothing distracting about that! The details are scant, so I'm not sure if the bear will talk to you or merely vaguely point at where you want to go. The latter doesn't seem all that helpful, so I'd love to see a combo of the Mr. T voice navigation and this teddy-nav. You would be the only person on your block with a teddy bear that sounds like Mr. T giving you directions, guaranteed.

Via Engadget