One Click Butter Cutter will improve your life tenfold

There are some aspects of our lives we don't expect much innovation in, and I think it's safe to say that butter-related technologies are something assumed to have reached their pinnacle some time ago. Well, your assumption is dead wrong. Welcome to the butter revolution, where you rarely have to even look at a stick of butter and still get perfect pats of it whenever you want. "That's crazy," you might be thinking. "How can you get perfect pats without looking at a stick of butter?" Step through the looking glass with me, my friend.

This is the One Click Butter Cutter. You put a stick of butter inside and let it take care of the rest. If you're making some toast, just click it and out comes a perfect pat, exactly 1/5th of a tablespoon. For only $20, it's sure to be the most exciting butter-related item you buy all year.

One Click Butter Cutter, via Book of Joe