New MemoryFrame: Wi-Fi gets in the picture

Here's one digital photo frame that goes way beyond just showing the sights from your last vacation. Sure, the 10.4-inch display on Digital Spectrum's MemoryFrame MF-8104 Premium is nice, but its secret weapon is having its own IP address. That lets you wirelessly connect it to your home network via Wi-Fi, set it up for RSS feeds, and display pics from photo-sharing sites like Flickr. You can even stream audio to the frame or play MP3 and WMA files (it has integrated stereo speakers). Internal memory is just 64 MB, but if you're concerned about looks, you can swap out the frame's trim to suit your mood or your walls. The only bummer would seem to be price, which isn't official yet, but early buzz says in the neighborhood of $380. However cool the MF-8104 is, paying that much for it is hard to picture.

Digtial Spectrum, via Übergizmo