I-egg revolutionizes egg-shaped audio players

Who says portable audio players should easily fit in your pocket? That's the tyranny of the iPod's market dominance talking, you sheep. Why don't you think for yourself for once and open your mind to an audio player that will create an awkward bulge in your pocket and will roll off your desk if you set it down? The i-egg is a new DAP from Axxen, and like the original name (it has a dash!) suggests, it's shaped like an egg. Much like the Samsung K5 it has a built-in speaker so you can share your love of My Chemical Romance with everyone on the school bus, and you can plug it into your computer to use it as a standalone speaker. This brilliant piece of design is Korea only at the moment, but who knows, it might make it stateside eventually. And if you can't get into the design, it's called thinking outside the box. Try it sometime.

Axxen, via Akihabara News