Hide your fridge inside your kitchen table

If I was a refrigerator, I would be feeling pretty unappreciated right now. Spending all of their existence keeping your food cold and fresh and how do we repay them? By trying to hide them by hanging them from the ceiling or sticking them in the floor. And now, injustice of injustices, they're getting hidden in a kitchen table. What's a table ever done besides hold food level? If you leave cheese on a table for a few days it'll go bad, but if you keep it in a fridge it'll stay fresh! They should be putting tables in fridges, not vice versa! Uh, anyhow, the Gorenje Smart Fridge is a classy looking table that has a fridge in its core that rises at the push of a button. You won't need to stand up to get the milk carton, but you'll know deep down that you're doing something wrong. No price available, but you should be able to pick one up next year.

Gorenje, via Shiny Shiny