Heäd$h0t mouse better work really well to make up for the stupid name

If you like computer gear that not only looks really nerdy, but has a really nerdy name as well, check out this Heäd$h0t mouse. Designed for the most 1337 n00b killin' illiterates around, the Heäd$h0t has a LED arch that holds the cable up for extra showiness. The real goods are in the mouse itself, with a 2000-dpi sensitivity that should allow for extremely precise aim in gaming. Oh, excuse me… X-tremely precise aim. You also get a couple of USB ports in the pad itself as a bonus with your new supermouse. It's a tad pricey at $100, but that's no more expensive than other gaming mice already floating around.

CrunchGear, via Gizmodo