Fusion controllers make Wiimote yesterday's news

If you thought the Wii controller was revolutionary, check out these futuristic motion-sensing game controllers from In2Games. What separates these "Fusion" controllers from the Wiimote is the fact that they operate using sound waves "and other technical wizardry," so you won't need to be pointing at a sensor bar for them to function. They'll connect to your overpriced next-gen console via USB, and it looks like the controllers will come in a variety of flavors including the sure-to-be-popular light saber, golf club, and tennis racquet. They're due out early next year and should be clocking in at around $56 a pop, which isn't too bad considering how damned fancy these things look. Now we just need to wait and see if these things live up to how cool they look and sound.

Via Engadget