Electric marshmallow toaster, existing for some reason

Carrying on the lazy legacy of the electric ice cream cone is the electric marshmallow toaster, bringing unnecessary convenience to your snacking-related activities. Ending the tyranny of the found twig in your hot sugar cookery, it has three prongs to hold your marshmallows and then slowly rotates them around over the flame to cook them to perfection. While it might seem silly to spend $20 on something that barely improves upon the analog equivalent, think about the convenience of it all. You have to carry it around with you until the mallow-cooking mood strikes, you have to make sure it has batteries, and when you're done you have to clean it off somehow or else sticky up everything else in your bag. Actually, that doesn't sound very convenient. You might as well stick with the sticks until they figure out how to actually improve upon the original.

Electric Marshmallow Toaster, via Shiny Shiny