Digital putter makes you better at golf, cheating

If you take your mini golf very seriously and can't handle the embarrassment of losing to your kid again, this DiXX Blue Digital Instructor Putter should improve your game significantly. Line up the club with the ball and when the green light turns on, take your swing. The club also collects data on your swing to let you know how badly you suck at mini golf and how much of a jackass you look like when your 8-year-old beats you repeatedly. Hopefully having a little extra help will let you make it through that infernal windmill on the first go. Combine this with the RC golf ball and you'll have all the cheating technology you need to conquer any obstacle on the course. The club goes on sale later this month in Japan for $832, so when Junior asks why he can't go to college tell him he should have let dad win once in a while.

Digital World Tokyo, via Uber-Review