Cuboglass: hide your TV in plain sight

If you're a self-hating geek ashamed of your technology fetish, this Cuboglass is the perfect way for you to have your cake and eat it too. It looks like a fancy microwave or perhaps a piece of modern art: a stark, reflective, black cube that does not resemble your standard TV. But it is, in fact, your standard TV, just in a fancy case. There's no HD or any features that would make it stand out above your standard little set at Best Buy… except the price, of course. It costs a whopping $1,191, so you'd better really need to hide your love of televisions from people. Or, more constructively, you could spend that money on therapy to learn to accept yourself and all the nerdy foibles that you come with. Join us. It's not so bad.

Cuboglass, via Red Ferret