Butterfly Heater keeps you warm for 24 hours

Winter is coming, suckers. I'm here to help you keep from freezing to death with the environmentally friendly Butteryfly Heater. Keeping you warm and challenging your masculinity, it sends warm air through the butterfly pattern via a process known as platinum catalysis. It evaporates lighter fluid and combines it with oxygen, which reacts with the internal glass filter and — BAM! — warm air. No harmful emissions or flames will ruin your winter walk, and less than an ounce of lighter fluid will keep you toasty for a full 25 hours. Just stick it in your pocket for a constant source of warmth… in your pocket. You might want to pick up two, just for balances sake. They're available online now for a downright reasonable $18 each or two for $30.

Butterfly Heater, via The Gadget Blog