Better Wi-Fi, brought to you by the letter N

It seems D-Link got tired of waiting for IEEE to get its act together and finalize the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11n, and has released a slew of products based on the not-yet-final draft version. The N standard, of course, is the next generation of the popular Wi-Fi wireless protocol, promising much greater bandwidth (so streaming high-res video won't be a stuttering affair) and better range (around 150 feet indoors).

The triple-antenna thingie pictured above is the DIR-655 Xtreme N router ($200), which claims to be the first N-standard router with Quality of Service (QoS) technology. The big advantage of QoS is that it automatically prioritizes streams that are "latency-sensitive," so if you're playing Half-Life Deathmatch over the Net at the same time you're downloading some iTunes flicks, your game-playing gets first dibs on bandwidth, preventing any lags between your shotgun blasts and you opponents' heads exploding.

Of course, to get fully on board the N train, you'll also need an Xtreme N adapter in your notebook (DWA-652) or desktop (DWA-552), both costing $120. You should be able to pick up this killer wireless action now, although be prepared for the possibility of owning incompatible junk when the 802.11n standard is finalized, probably early next year. You have been warned.

D-Link, via Engadget