A cloak of invisibility that really (sort of) works

"Sometimes I get so embarrassed I wish I could just disappear." Sound familiar? Are you a sad person that wants to just disappear? Well, stop your sniveling, cause science has your back. We told you it was possible, and now they went and done did it. By using heat to bend rays of light around an object, scientists were able to make a wee cloak of invisibility that actually works. Well, sort of. It hides an object from microwaves and radar waves, but visible light still got through. That means you'd be able to see it, but electronic devices would not. That's all well and good, but it's not as exciting as a version that would bend visible light as well, as what fun is an invisible object if you can see it? Looks like you're stuck crying pathetically out in public for a while longer, sad man. Sorry to get your hopes up. Thanks for the tip, James!